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Summer is finally here...

Summer is finally here...

I've been waiting, with more than bated breath, for summer to finally arrive. And it's not the weather I've been pining for, (who can really count on the weather in Calgary?!?). It's the change from the frenetic to the chill. My kids finished school today, which means I no longer have to squeeze four school runs into my day, mind an extra kid four days a week, juggle homework, teacher meetings, lunches and snacks. I can just stick to my normal job without all the other stuff competing for my time.

And I get to hang out with my boys. We bought art journals yesterday to celebrate the end of school. I have a goal to experiment with pencil illustration and portraiture this summer. Wish me luck!

This week I also finished recording episode 15 of our soon to launch podcast, Down to Earth. This is a project I've been collaborating on with my good friend, Jess DiSabatino. We're limited in how many events we can speak for, with six kids between our families, both of us pastoring, and other contract work as well. We got to thinking about how we could still teach but stay home more, work together, and have more fun...thus the podcast was born! We're hoping to complete recording season 1 by the end of the summer, which will be launched in partnership with Insight for Living Canada. Subscribe if you want to stay in the loop. And in the meantime...put your feet up, and enjoy summer. I know I'm going to! 


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